For the love of all that is Gothic…


Art history this week is medieval churches and gothic architecture. I have a considerably better attention span for old buildings than the artwork contained within so I’m hoping I’ll more easily absorb the material I’m supposed to retain to memory. I’ve always associated the word Gothic with the early Victorian era but in actual fact, the form it represents can be dated back to 1140. The east end of Saint-Denis abbey, Paris, is recognised and accepted as the first Gothic structure. Saint-Denis had a huge amount of significance in early medieval France since it was favoured for royal burials. It was first commissioned in the 8th century but Abbot Suger was the person responsible for the renovation of the east end some four centuries later. Suger didn’t see it worthwhile to record the names of the master masons held responsible for the rebuilding which is an incredible shame considering the impact their work was to have on some of the most significant buildings still standing today. Suger’s ideas were progressive and by all accounts, he was obsessed with light and colour. The well-established importance of Saint-Denis was no doubt responsible for at least some of the success he had gaining support from the wealthiest people of that era. Suger’s well-documented intentions also show a surprising level of awareness of the symbolic meanings behind the aesthetics of churches both internally and externally. But, yes, I definitely have more enthusiasm for engaging with this kind of content.

It’s my second day of having oats for breakfast and I’m definitely going to be eating them for the health benefits rather than the consistency or taste. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to get excited over a bowl of slop. I have to say, though, I wasn’t as hungry during the morning. It just makes me gag every time I put the spoon in my mouth. I kinda failed in my overall efforts, though, when I had a second breakfast mid-morning after going for a facial. Savannah gave me a gift card for one back in the summer and hadn’t got around to using it until today. She paid for breakfast too, although I’d have been happy to wait another couple of hours to eat and really need to get a grip of my ever-increasing appetite.

Elsewhere in life, I realise it won’t be long before my first assignment is due and need to be extra strict with myself and not lose too much time to distraction nor procrastination. The weather is generally really shit; either grey or rainy and does fuck all for my mood. Other than that I have little to complain about.

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