When Breakfast Leaves You Hungry

I had a tough few weeks when I first began overhauling a sedentary lifestyle. Not only did I need to bring in the exercise – I had to eliminate a shit-load of unhealthy foods. I came across a diet app (which has been tremendously helpful) and sugar, by far, has been the most difficult to moderate and I’m still going over my daily allowance despite cutting it out of my tea.

Breakfast would usually consist of a bowl of cereal. A supposedly healthy start to the day was costing me only 160 calories but not only did it make me hungry, it was costing me a whopping 9 grams of sugar – throw in the often necessary banana and it was taking half of a 50g daily limit…

Feeling desperate, I hit the search bar for a more fulfilling alternative and came across what is now my go-to first eat of the day. For only forty calories more, (and saving 7g of sugar) I can now last the morning without being tormented by food cravings and hunger.

  • 1 slice soya & linseed bread
  • 1 small banana
  • 15g almond butter (a generously heaped tsp)
  • 2 tsps chia seeds (yes, teaspoons)

Comes in at approx 305 calories; fat 14g, protein 13g, sugar 13g. The fat is mostly the good stuff (more on fats in another post) and sugar is mostly natural – the banana accounts for 10g.

It’s surprisingly tasty and satisfying AND, if you’re peri-menopausal like me, your body will seriously appreciate the magnesium in the almond butter. The soya and linseed bread (Bergen’s) is another hidden gem because just one slice contains half your entire daily recommended intake of omega 3’s and is a very easy switch from regular white or wholemeal.


If you want the diet app it’s called Myfitnesspal and you can find it here. Tis all free and its food database is pretty extensive and incredibly easy to add a new food if they don’t already have it in there.

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